Take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Free Trade Zone of the European Union and acquire foreign clients with us!

Turn your business into a a dynamically developing successful and competitive market player based on international trade. With our company you have the opportunity to co-operate on a project level as well as on a long-term basis.

  • Providing support for indirect contact with foreign, foreign-language clients
    • Communication via various channels: email, telephone, conference call, presentation, official telegram etc.
  • Direct, personal contact and company representation
    • Preparation of the negotiation material and presentation, translation
    • Conducting of negotiations, presentations
  • Project mgt., business development, marketing consultancy
    • Contact Planning
    • Conducting market research
    • Foreign media presence
  • Company statements and data analysis
    • Calculation of economic indicators
    • Preparation and analysis of statistics and queries
    • Automation of statistics and statements with the help of enterprise management systems
  • IT services
    • Website design, maintenance and operation
    • Other IT solutions

Every minute is valueable – that’s why we offer flexible, efficient administration and communication: In line with the 21st Century -in addition to personal conferences and meetings- you can choose our conference call or Skype © communication channels with screen sharing and presentations.

Click here to download the free Skype © desktop version.

This saves you money and time: it is ideal for organizing projects that require quick response.

Our prices are negotiated depending on the type and quality of the order. Ask for a quote under “Contact”!

We offer a one-time 20% discount to all our new clients!